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secured transactions flowchart Secured Transactions Flowchart Page 1 of 3 1) Is there a SI? 1-207(37) 2) Does Art 9 care? (9-109 = we care, 9-109d = Jul 17, 2019 · UCC 9 Secured Transactions Flowchart #1. Flowcharts give people a sense of direction, especially to those who are unfamiliar with the whole sales process. The point of Secured Transactions is to allow a lender to create a security interest in personal property. 2 Sep 2020. Some of the above are not tested on the UBE, but the extra subjects may be beneficial depending on which state bar you're taking. Transaction type Electronic Commerce Indicator 3D Secure version Liability shift; 3DS authentication was successful; transaction secured by 3DS. To perform this Emergency Contact Information transaction, you must be able to provide your Driver's License or ID Card number, Date of Birth and PIN or last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Jan 19, 2021 · Navigate QuickBooks Online: Menus, Transactions & Set Up. P ii. These problems can often be solved by improving operations while using the right financing solution. ucc 2 201 statute of frauds flowchart, figure 3 from deep learning with edge computing for, contract law flowchart,. Page provides flowchart of sale or exchange of property, provides types of transactions and tax treatment. Consumer credit sales are treated differently from secured credit sales of inventory since, for most consumer transactions, the amount involved would not warrant the expense of preparing and filing a UCC-1. 3D Secure (3-domain structure), also known as a payer authentication, is a security protocol that helps to prevent fraud in online credit and debit card transactions. Also generally excluded are planes and trains, which are governed by their own law c. Fee agreements based on the tax. Secured transactions in personal property are ubiquitous in modern business practice and make up a key part of modern commercial law. The revisions also applied new protections to mortgage loans secured by a dwelling, regardless of loan price, and required the delivery of early disclosures for more types of transactions. or servicing of loans secured by real estate for use by consumers. notes iv. Enter a Batch Header and Transactions · Look Up Error Message Codes · Batch Types, Posting Sequence, Approval Levels · Commonly Used. Download Flowchart #1. pdf), Text File (. 3(c)(9) Consumer Financial Protection Bureau . I am looking for any flowcharts, or any other type of resource, anyone has that outlines Art. T. Process flow chart for insolvency resolution. ), provided for in the secured creditor’s security agreement with the debtor, but which the secured creditor does not incur until after the lien creditor’s lien attaches. Similar Post Florida Courts Flowchart. Secured Transactions Bar Exam outlines and revision materials. In i. A deal in which a buyer or borrower (called a debtor) guarantees payment . The basic format follows the same structure established by the first title in the series, Joseph Glannon's The Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure. Unperfected secured creditors lose to the trustee in bankruptcy. § 1003. They are regulated by the Pawnbrokers Act, §56-12-1 et seq. Yes (where a cryptogram was included in the attempt) 3DS authentication either failed or. The law of secured transactions consists of five principal components: (1) the nature of property that can be the subject of a security interest; (2) the methods of creating the security interest; (3) the perfection of the security interest against claims of others; (4) priorities among secured and unsecured. The borrower or buyer is known as the debtor, and the lender or seller is known as the creditor, and more specifically the secured party. For more outlines by South Texas College of Law Students, visit the&nb. Already posted this on the Outline Bank subreddit, but trying to widen my audience. But not debt (secured or u. Factoring and Secured Transactions Most all businesses look to lending arrangements with financial institutions to help them structure funding. Transaction Summary. By enabling lenders to take a security interest in collateral (that is, the assets of debtors), the law of secured transactions provides lenders with assurance of legal relief in case of default by the borrower. Sep 24, 2020 · In 2019, more than 11,000 SWIFT member institutions sent approximately 33. 1) Is there a SI? 1-207(37). Description of application. Once in bankrupcy, a secured party won’t secured any additional after acquired property must be proceeds, product, offspring, rent or profits Milk is a close one -- if they are processed they become products alternative argument is based on whether a part of the cow is consumed in the process. 11 Nov 2011. A refinance is defined as credit that will be used to refinance an existing obligation that is secured by the property that secures or will secure the transaction. The Appraisal Rule creates a new definition of, and separate category for, commercial real estate transactions and raises the threshold for requiring an appraisal from $250,000 to $500,000 for those transactions, which will exempt an additional 15. ♦ § 9-323(b) extends the secured creditor’s priority over an intervening lien creditor to “nonadvances” (e. 06. Visualizing Secured Transactions takes the basic areas covered by Article 9 and creates a visual aid for the statutory provisions typically assigned in connection with those areas. Contracts Final Flow Chart[1] | Consideration | Damages. The transaction is within its reinvestment period and is actively managed by its collateral manager. UCC 9 Secured Transactions Flowchart. After you’ve identified the vendor and agreed on the details, you’ll need written approval from the department responsible for approving purchases. sell on . is a cash flow CLO mostly comprising senior secured obligations. 4(a)(27) Comment 4(a)(27)-1 Property Value Value of the property relied on that secures the loan NEW 1003. Cairn CLO VII BV is a cash flow CLO comprising senior secured obligations. Jul 04, 2020 · In the past 30 years, the art of corporate loan syndications, trading, and investing has changed dramatically. (A) Compulsory- if you don't bring it you love it, must state any countercliam at the time of service. b. According to the Law Library, Secured Transactions are, “Business dealings that grant a creditor a right in property owned or held by a debtor to assure the payment of a debt or the performance of some obligation. There never will be again. D. Secured borrowing. the flowchart is simply a guide to the key questions that should be considered to determine TRID applicability. d. Jun 5, 2019 - Ferguson - Business Associations Flowcharts Spring 2009 - Free download as PDF File (. End of Reinvestment Period: The transaction's reinvestment period finished on 31 January 2021. In an ordinary credit sale of consumer goods, no filing of a UCC-1 is required in order to perfect the secured party’s interest. a. Through its issuance, the exporter is assured that the issuing bank will make a payment to the exporter for the international trade conducted. 'Preferential transactions' (put creditor in beneficial position. In a traditional secured borrowing arrangement, the originator pledges a set of accounts receivable as collateral for an interest-bearing loan from an. willfully violating the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) by failing to report suspicious transactions arising out of Bernard L. The term “Short Sale” is used to refer to those real estate transactions in which the agreed-upon purchase price is insufficient to pay off all of the secured debt o. Dryden 32 Euro CLO 2014 B. land) A secured transaction is typically a loan or financing agreement in which an asset, such as real estate, a vehicle, or other property, is used as collateral for the loan. Download Flowchart #2. 28 Apr 2020. As such, pawn transactions have their own set of regulations apart from the UCC. Secured Transactions Flowchart Page of 3. We have published our 2018 Flowchart for HMDA transactions. An example. , initial financing statements, amendments, and termination statements) filed by third parties in the Florida Secured Transaction Registry (the “Registry”), as permitted by. 3-D Secure 2. Stripe. Now let’s fill out the transaction summary. 0x junior debt. 3D Secure 2 messages flow between the cardholder, the 3DS Server, Directory Server (operated each card scheme), and the issuing bank. PIN based verification generally done in machine transactions. org Secured Transactions. Joinder Flowchart - Summary Civil Procedure. This additional security was initiated and created by Visa and MasterCard and it’s branded as ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard SecureCode’ respectively. 1. Created with Sketch. One way to improve your cash flow is to get financing secured by your accounts receivable (A/R). Contracts Final Flow Chart[1] - Free download as Word Doc (. 3) Is the SI enforceable? a) SA: 9-203. Feb 08, 2021 · Operating cash flow was $7 million and free cash flow 6 was a use of $14 million, which marks the strongest first quarter cash flow since fiscal 2018 and reflects a commitment to delivering more. Feliciano J. First Amendment Law, Fall 2014, Professor Charles “Rocky” Rhodes Outline | Flow Charts | Flow Charts (pdf) Secured Transactions, Fall 2014, Professor Worley Download. In the opening module, we'll define secured transactions, discuss the parties to a secured transaction, cover what it means to “attach” a security interest and explain how to attach a security interest. Comments. The UBE variant does not include CA Community Prope. 3/14/2016. before. 28 Sep 2017.   In this article, we will explore what SWIFT does, how it works. Stable Asset Performance: The transaction is slightly above par by 107bp as of the latest investor report. 0x senior debt and 3. Frictionless Flow Learn more. Most states have specific rules for cars. 29 Aug 2013. Is the transaction a closed-end consumer credit transaction secured by real property? TRID does not apply to HELOCs, reverse mortgages or mortgages secured by a mobile home or by a dwelling that is not attached to real property (i. Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001. Accounting Flowcharts solution contains the full set of standardized accounting flowchart symbols which will help you design in minutes various types of Accounting Flowcharts including such popular diagrams. 19 Aug 2019. The overall flowchart of the proposed system,. In today’s day and age, there is no such thing as safe software. The remaining funds are provided by the sponsor (the private equity fund). cornell. 15 per manually-entered transactions. , costs of collection, attorneys’ fees, etc. in Taxation (University of Florida), 2018. 5% + $0. Course: Civil Procedure (CIVPRO) . PayMaya Checkout enables your business to accept and process credit card and debit card payments. Why not see if you can find something useful? View Notes - 113745638-Secured-Transactions-Attack-Outline from LAW 550 at Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis. 21 Nov 2011. Pawn transactions are a special type of secured transaction. “non‐control” investment? Does the transaction involve a. Ucc Article Ii Sales From Tender To Delivery Flow Chart . com. pdf | PDF DOWNLOAD [GET] R404a PT Chart | PDF DOWNLOAD [GET] Final Research Paper – Marijuana Legalization | PDF DOWNLOAD [GET] D&D 5e Vampire Race – Homebrewed | PDF DOWNLOAD [GET] This-is-Our-Youth. Submit purchase requisition. i wonder if anyone has taken both fed income tax and secured transactions. Frictionless Flow is perhaps the biggest improvement made to this 16 years old protocol. Rule 13. 1) To have an “attached”, enforceable security interest between the contracting parties requires three elements: CAR: C – (UCC 9-203) The creditor must give CONSIDERATION ( value) e. Chart 1 Discharge of Indebtedness - Chart 2 Evidence Final Exam Review ST - Prof Straw - Summary Secured Transactions Secured Transactions 2017 Rose Civil Procedure Outline. Stripe is also capable of handling companies with a large volume of transactions. . TRANSACTION SUMMARY. Discussed below. Standard disclaimer: make sure you are preparing for all of the subjects! Statistics regarding the frequency we see secured transactions on the Multistate Essay Exam should be used in determining how much to study for the subject, not whether to study for it at all. 29 Oct 2019. 43(e)6), (f)(1)(vi),. The importer is the applicant of the LC, while the exporter is the beneficiary. The finance company recently learned about the bank’s actions. 4. Episode 37: Tackling an MEE Secured Transactions Essay Question Page 3 of 8 BarExamToolbox. Other debt. 7 percent of transactions from the appraisal requirements. • Providing real. Secured Transactions Flow Chart (Collateral) - Free download as Word Doc (. This flow chart outlines the process for the seller. pdf | PDF DOWNLOAD exception: secured party doesn’t take priority over a trustee when the secured party was given for antecedent debts within 90 days of declaration of bankruptcy; if there is a transfer for antecedant debt, the trustee will lose; bankruptcy trustee can reverse fraudulent transfers; if there is a current transfer of transaction, the trustee will. Supplier Evaluation Process Flow (Click on image to modify online) 3. We provide a suite of APIs that allows you to easily integrate with our payment platform, providing your customers a secured and hassle-free checkout experience. The finance FLORIDAUCC, LLC (“FLORIDAUCC”), which entity has been approved by the Florida Department of State, is pleased to offer internet access to search this website for locating and searching the official records (e. 5. files. Chapter 1 Preliminary. You've saved for a down payment, gone through the home searching process and secured yourself a mortgage. Flow chart showing the creditor and debtor rela. Jul 7, 2016 - UCC Article 9 Charts - Secured Transactions Secured transactions in the United States are an important part of the law and economy of the country. Secured party . Is the transaction primarily for agricultural purposes? NOTE: Agricultural-purpose transactions include transactions that are secured by a Dwelling that is located on real property that is used primarily for agricultural p. for certain cross-border transactions and/or arrangements. “non‐control” investment? CFIUS. doc ), PDF File (. Attachment—flowchart. Authors. 19 Nov 2019. Smart ATM Pin Recovery and Secured ATM Transactions based on. Quimbee’s Secured Transactions Outline covers general Uniform Commercial Code principles; applicability and definitions; validity of security agreements and rights of parties; rights of third parties, perfected and unperfected security interests, and rules of priority; and default. YES. LoPucki teaches Business Associations, Secured Transactions, and Comparative Corporate Law. The law of secured transactions consists of five principal components: (1) the nature of property that can be the subject of a security interest; (2) the methods of creating the security. Flowchart of Sale or Exchange of Property (Section 1231, 1245 and 1250 Assets) (REG Notes). page 2 of 6 See full list on law. UCC 9 Secured Transactions Flowchart #2. SECURED TRANSACTIONS MNEMONICS. 3DS1 and 2. e. the lien attaches or. Jan 07, 2021 · A concise, clear, effective review of Secured Transactions topics organized around the theme of multiple-choice questions. We also stock outlines on Oklahoma Bar Bundle as well as Law Outlines generally. Like other flowcharts, a sales flowchart is intended to guide people, in this case, the client and the service provider, of the flow of processes in conducting a sales transaction. The revisions also banned several advertising pr. Also, TRID rules do NOT apply to loans made by a person or business that makes 5 or fewer mortgages in a calendar year. doc), . Additional ministerial regulations to Thailand's Secured Transactions Act (The Act ) were published earlier this year that prescribe the entities allowed to be securities receivers. perfected. 6 million transactions per day through the network. Arising of the same transaction or occur. Page 5. Secured Transactions Flowcharts. business associations, corporations, flowcharts, law outline. 9-109(a)(1): SI (9-102(a)(35)) in P. first and meets one of the attachment requirements (value given; agreement or debtor has rights) Bankruptcy. Our business attorneys have the experience and knowledge to help you with the business’s commercial finance needs through factoring arrangements, asset based lending arrangements, and other secured. Aug 24, 2020 · The mechanisms of each transaction are illustrated with journal entries and the effects on the balance sheet and, more importantly under ASU 2016-15, the cash flow statement. Now it’s time to get approval for the purchase. The Act came into force in July 2016. Indicates whether the transaction involves a balloon payment, interest-only payments, negative amortization or ay other type of non-amortizing feature NEW 1003. Stripe is a popular payment gateway provider with a broad focus on mobile ecommerce, SaaS, non-profits, and platform-based payments. A security interest is “an inte. We know the transaction multiple and LTM EBITDA, so it’s easy to get the transaction value. 75% for swiped transactions and 3. As promised, this week’s blog post will delve a little deeper into the Uniform Commercial Code through a discussion of Article 9: Secured Transactions. Transaction free download - Code Visual to Flowchart, xSQL Script Executor, Transaction Pro Importer, and many more programs Secured lenders, especially working capital lenders, are no doubt familiar with the frame-work of secured lending laws provided by Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”). Yes. 9-109(a)(3): Sale of accts, chattel paper, pymt intangibles, or prom. Two simple examples of secured transactions are: (1) a bank loaning a. See full list on nacm. V. You can download. Mention PKI or ‘Client Certificates’ to many people and it may well conjure up images of businesses busily protecting and completing their customers’ online transactions, yet such certificates are to be found throughout our daily lives, in any number of flavors; when we sign into a VPN; use a bank card at an ATM, or a card to gain access. first-lien covered transactions in the prior calendar year were secured by properties in "Rural" OR -underserved" areas)? STOP = Non-Small Creditor QM = Non-Balloon-payment QM STOP = Non-Small Creditor QM = Non-Balloon-payment QM Type of Compliance Presumption: Higher-Priced Loan YES Rebuttable Presumption A lies (QM is presumed to comply Accounting flowchart is a pictorial way to represent the flow of data in an organization and the flow of transactions process in a specific area of its accounting or financial department. ” The Space Protocol of the Cape Town Convention is an international regime of secured transactions designed specifically for the space industry. A refinancing is a new transaction requiring new disclosures to the consumer and occurs when an existing obligation that was subject to Regulation Z is satisfied and replaced by a. It's breakdown of priority is very easy to follow, and the definitions given are clear and concise. Professor Radwan teaches in a classroom at Stetson University College of Law. Course:. 35(b)(2)iii)]. Collateral - If a dwelling is located on property used primarily for ag purposes, all loans secured by this property are exempt. Primary tabs. Figure 1 - Appropriation Flowchart. You can sit back, relax, and focus on your core business as we handle payments processing for you. (1) The attachment to this . CUM ACTIO FUERIT MERE CRIMINALIS, IN- STITUI POTERIT AB INITIO CRIMINALITER TEL CIVILITER, Civil Procedure with Flowcharts, AB INITIO, Secured Transactions, Nonprofit Corporate Law, Civ Pro II (Glannon), QUADRUPLICATE. (Stetson University), 2016; LL. Scope (9-109) a. SECURED TRANSACTIONS1 1. (4) per your determination, the consumer is able to make the scheduled periodic payments (including mortgage. Secured Credit/Secured Transactions Charts. Current as at 29 August 2013—revised version. 9-109(a)(4): Consignments 10 factors + 9-102(a)(2) 1-7 v. doc), PDF File (. txt) or view presentation slides online. 3DS authentication was attempted but was not or could not be completed. This volume, a streamlined version of the famous White & Summers Uniform Commercial Code practitioners text--the standard reference relied on by courts and business lawyers for nearly half a century--offers a. It is a useful study aid for law school exams and the bar exam. Example for such a rule will be when a company is offering a virtual bank account for collecting funds from paying customers and transferring them to another destination, it will choose rules that will identify a situation where the client is using his account as “mule” account, i. Jul 24, 2020 · 3. e the account is not used for an actual business purpose, but instead used a “storage place. Flowchart. secured transactions a systems approach eighth edition, secured transactions elo 2010 emanuel law outlines, best essay on global warming most common essay topics mee, reading introduction to secured transactions business law, business&nb. New to QuickBooks or using a new product? Visit our Get Started resource page to help you get going. Rights on Default. information and communications through use of codes. A security interest arises when, in exchange for a loan, a borrower agrees in a security agreement that the lender (the secured party) may take specified collateral owned by the borrower if he or she should default on the loan. 0 is an important advancement in this effort that will help prevent fraud and accelerate digital commerce with fast, secure authentication. Lynn M. 9-109(a)(2): Agricultural Lien iii. Jacqueline N. Likewise, we know the LBO is financed with 3. Confidentiality condition in a transaction not to disclose how a tax advantage is secured; or. Square’s processing fees are currently 2. Privileged & Confidential. Secured Transactions Attack Outline 1. What to Know About Secured Transactions on the Multistate Essay Exam. Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site. Also, if I were to make a flowchart, would anyone be interested in me posting it? Just important so I. Perfected secured creditors beat the trustee in bankruptcy . There was a time when banks lent to their corporate borrowers and simply kept those loans on their books, never contemplating that loans would be traded and managed by investors like stocks and bonds in a portfolio. Copyright © 2020 Aplus eBooks Publications – All Rights Reserved . lease is at least 90 days; and (iii) if lease involves real property and the transaction intended to transfer ownership of leased property to lessee;. Secured TransactionsFlowchartPage 1 of 31) Is there a SI? 1-207(37)2) Does Art 9 care? (9-109 = we care, 9-109d = exceptions & we don't care)3) Is the SI enforceable?a) SA: 9-2031) authenticated by the debtor, 9-102any mark symbol. 4(a)(28) Comments 4(a)(28)-1 through 4 Manufactured Home Secured Property Type Sep 28, 2011 · For a secure online payment system, the transaction flow must be secured with end-to-end encryption. Transitional. Distributed to all member nodes in the network, the ledger permanently records, in a sequential chain of cryptographic hash-linked blocks, the history of asset exchanges that take place between the peers in the network. Picture. Apr 21, 2020 · [GET] Secured Transactions Flow Chart | PDF DOWNLOAD [GET] Simblet – Anatomy for the Artist. any. transactions in the prior year secured by properties in rural or underserved areas ? ISS 1026. back to page 1. NO. SP = secured. Ucc Article 9 Charts Secured Transactions Harvard. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the event the borrower is unable to repay the loan, the lender may take possession of the collateral and sell it in order to pay the balance of the loan. Ucc 2. In summary, information about the transaction at hand, the cardholder's browser or mobile device, as well as the cardholder's account history with the given merchant are all collected and eventually passed on to. 1) authenticated by the debtor, 9-102. com manufacturer had defaulted on its obligation to the bank and that the bank was exercising its rights as a secured party. It introduces a uniform and transparent scheme to improve creditors' rights and hence facilitating the flow of capital into the space sector. 2. txt) or read online for free. Secured Transactions: Lapse, Continuation, and Termination of Security Interests Podcast (CT19P) Changed Circumstances and Relocation CANINE: Article Nine Problems / Chapter 24 - Continuing Perfection -- Changes as to the Use of the Collateral or in the Location of the Collateral or the Debtor and Security Interests in Proceeds (CT11_24) Is the transaction primarily for agricultural purposes? NOTE: Agricultural-purpose transactions include transactions that are secured by a Dwelling that is located on real property that is used primarily for agricultural purposes. 2) Does Art 9 care? (9-109 = we care, 9-109d = exceptions & we don't care). Enter Transactions. By performing risk-based authentication in the access control server (ACS), issuers are now able to approve a transaction without the need for input from the cardholder. The transaction is out of its reinvestment period and is managed by Cairn Loan Investments LLP. The UCC, designed to facilitate com-mercial transactions, governs the creation, perfection and enforcement of security inter-ests in personal property. A secured transaction is a contractual arrangement where a borrower or buyer pledges property as collateral for a loan or purchase. Is the target's technology used in, or designed. KEY RATING DRIVERS. Will the transaction result in the acquisition of. Secured has nothing to do with real property except fixtures. Examples & Explanations: Secured Transactions, Sixth Edition [Brook, James] on Amazon. This chart is a great study aid for basic secured transactions law. Purpose - all . (1) Transaction, regardless of form, that creates a in personal property or fixtures by security interest contract (2) Security interest is an interest in personal property or fixtures to secure payment or to secure performance of an obligation UCC 9-102(37) (a) Secured Party—person in whose favor a security interests is created UCC 9-102(72) Basics of Secured Transactions. g. Crown debts & unpaid dues of secured creditors. Figure 3: DAC6 flowchart. in Bankruptcy Proceedings (with Christopher R. edu Secured Transactions Outline 2 Secured Transactions Outline Secured Transactions Outline 2017 Other related documents Mid-continental earthquakes Spatiotemporal occurrences, causes, and hazards (other) Legislation Outline Family LAW Outline (done) Outline 2017 Professional Responsibility Networking Hwone Oct 03, 2016 · Military Lending Act — Applicability flow chart (continued) Is the credit expressly intended to finance the purchase of a motor vehicle and the loan is secured by that vehicle? The MLA does not apply to credit transactions expressly intended to Dec 1, 2014 - secured transactions flowchart | Take Possession": Section 28(3) and 28(4) How to study secured transactions? I am taking ST as a summer course and am lost right now with about no idea of what is going on in the class. Secured Transactions Flowcharts. Generally, a secured transaction is a loan or a credit transaction in which the lender acquires a security interest in collateral owned by the borrower and is entitled to foreclose on or repossess the collateral in the event of the borrower's default. I really just can't follow it or maybe I'm overcomplicating everything. Examples & Explanations: Secured Transactions, Sixth Edition Having cash flow problems is a common challenge for small and growing companies. Appropriation flow chart. Mirick, 6th edition, 2015); and, a popular series of bankruptcy procedure flow charts:. Secured transaction. Jun 01, 2019 · A blockchain is a tamper-evident, shared digital ledger that records transactions in a public or private peer-to-peer network. 05. Secured party is . 23 Mar 2017. View Notes - secured_flowchart from SER 101 at Western Michigan University. Madoff’s decades-long, multi-billion dollar fraudulent investment scheme. It has not yet de-levered. M. Helping issuers and merchants distinguish good transactions from bad will mitigate fraud, while allowing transactions to continue to happen at lightning speed. Secured Transaction Law: an overview. that would make me borderline suicidal. Secured Transactions; Conflict of Laws; Family Law. The CoreTitle team offers extensive knowledge of both residential and commercial transactions, and a variety. Authorised by the Parliamentary Counsel. Some visual aids cover a single section while others summarize a number of sections bearing on a single topic. Jun 24, 2015 · The rule does NOT apply to Home Equity Line of Credit transactions reverse mortgages mortgages secured by a mobile home or other dwelling that is not attached to real property. secured transactions flowchart